Foodieonthe49th.com is my personal log dedicated to my food related adventures.  Living in the foodie filled Greater Vancouver area, everyone is a critic when it comes to food.  These are my own thoughts and opinions about my experiences, and in no way do I think I am an authority on the subject of food.  Although this is not my full time career, I do my best to make blogging a priority.

I am always in search of the most authentic, fresh, and tasty foods on the 49th parallel.  Fortunately, with the cultural diversity, local farmers, and passionate cooks in this region, there is no shortage of any of those things.  I possess a sense of fearlessness when it comes to trying new and different cuisine, and I am almost always up to the challenge.

My cooking skills are something that I am continually working on improving by trying new techniques and cuisines.  I strive to better many of the recipes I come across by adding my own personal touches, although they don’t always have the intended results.

I hope that you find my blog both entertaining and insightful as you live vicariously through me, eating and cooking my way through life.

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